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Training Update

I’m still following my training regime as outlined in my last post. I have had to rest a few days during the Christmas and new-year holidays, but now I am at it again. For the last couple of days I have had some slight pain in my right shoulder, probably due to overtraining. I try to listen to my body, so for the rest of the week, I will go easy on hard bouldering and focus more on technique and mental exercises.
As ‘training manual’ I can highly recommend Eric J. Hörst’s Training for climbing This book is a very comprehensive training bible that covers everything from specific workouts to nutrition.

As mental training I have read The Rock Warriors Way by Arno Iligner. Arno’s book gives you a total mental training program and provides useful insight on how to approach the climbing sport from a mental point of view.

Eiger, The Vertical Arena – Book Review

Well! This is the first book review on The book on review is called ‘Eiger, The Vertical Arena’ and it is written by Daniel Anker of Switzerland. As the title implies, this book is about the infamous Eiger Mountain located in the Swiss mountain range of Berner Oberland. As some of you will know, I have had some interesting mountaineering experiences on and around this mountain.?

Anders on Eiger North Face

Anders on Eiger North Face (Photo: Morten B. Johansen)?

The north face of the Eiger was the ‘Last Great? Problem’ of the Alps. The dramatic first ascent in 1938 by a German/Austrian team is described in detail, but also later attempts to climb the more direct lines is included. The extreme skiing attempts are covered in great detail. The photos throughout the book are very inspiring.? In short? this book contains everything you would like to know about the Eiger. This book is a highly recommended read, and a must for any aspiring Eiger climber.?

? The Vertical Arena

‘The Vertical Arena‘ by Daniel Anker. ISBN: 0-89886-679-0