Back from Cham

Just back from spending 10 fine days in Chamonix climbing with friends and Team Mammut who sponsored me with a brand new classy alpine outfit. A *BIG* thanks to Mammut and all who made this possible. See the gallery below for a few impressions. My climbing partner Morten Johansen has also made a nice gallery here

Testing Cheap Glass. Nikon 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G on D7000

It’s always fun to test diffrent lens/camera combos.

Today I went to Tivoli, Copenhagen with my family. It was a fine summer day, but I was not really in the mood for photography, but in order to try something different i took an old Nikon 28-80G that normally sits on my rarely used 35mm Film SLR and put it on my D7000

Nikkor AF 28-80mm G


It felt like a really lightweight combo, and although the lens felt like a fragile plastic toy I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The pictures seem sharp enough with decent contrast, and I will definitely shoot this lens again if I need a light weight mid-range zoom.

It does not compare to the 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX or the Sigma 17-70 mm f/2.8-4.0 OS HSM that I regularly use, but once stopped down I found the 28-80G to be a solid performer on a DX. For the sub 50$ price point, it’s almost ridiculously good.

Well, the pictures are here, so judge for yourself. They are un-cropped jpgs as they came out of the camera.

Pictures in ‘Klatring’

I got a few pictures from Bornholm and Bohuslän in the latest issue of ‘Klatring’. The magazine can be read on-line here, but it’s really stunning to see in print.

Pictures from Klatring















Klatring 1/2012 – Can be downloaded here!

It’s really good that we have a magazine like ‘Klatring’ here in Denmark! Big thanks to the editors – it’s a privilege to contribute to such a quality production!

Local Ice Update

The frost has been here for a while and on Wednesday we decided to head across the water on a day trip to Sweden. We wanted to have a look at the ice conditions in Skåne. We went out to Hovs Hallar not far from Båstad. It’s only 1½ hours drive from Copenhagen, so it is probably the closest quality ice climbing we can find around here.

The message is that Hovs Haller is in condition and Hovsfossen can be climbed on lead at WI5. The Quarry in Båstad still looks at bit thin, but the left fall should be climbable at least on top rope.

Morten climbing at Hovs Hallar

Morten climbing Hovsfossen in WI5 conditions on 8/2/12

Pizza and Cogne Ice