I’ve been shooting pictures for the most of my life, but have only recently found a new  active interest in photography. As a kid my father gave me his old Canon AV-1 SLR – It was a superb camera that I used a lot during 8/9/10th grade while taking photography classes in school. We shot a lot of black and white, doing our own developing at the schools lab. This was in the mid 80’s

When I left  school and went to high school (It’s called a gymnasium, here in Denmark) I kind of lost interest in photography and started playing with computers, which is also my career today where I work as an IT Architect.

For many years it was just about documenting memories from my travel and everyday life.  I used a Rollei compact 35mm camera. This camera went with me on various climbing trips, shooting both negative and slide film. The results where good if not excellent since it’s hardly impossible to shoot bad pictures in beautiful mountain scenery.

Around 2004 I went digital and got myself a Kodak point and shoot 5 mega-pixel camera. This camera lasted only a season until it got destroyed by vapour and exposure during Scottish a winter climbing trip. I got myself a new P&S camera, this time a Pentax Optio 50 – it’s probably the worst digital camera I have ever owned. It eats battery very quickly and the pictures are only tolerable at base ISO

These days I shoot a Nikon D7000 DSLR,  Nikon F100 35mm film camera and a Canon S95 compact digital camera that I use for climbing trips when weight is an issue. I really enjoy the process of shooting old-school 35mm film, but as anyone else I also enjoy the easy and convenient work-flow shooting digital.

I consider myself an amateur photographer even though I sometimes  get pictures published in climbing magazines. In other words, I shoot for fun and not for cash. If someone wants to buy my pictures for commercial purposes, they are more than welcome and I find it a great personal pleasure to see my photos on a glossy magazine paper.

In the gallery bellow you can some of my work, that I consider representative for the photos I shoot.


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