Month: February 2010

Denmark Ice Climbing

The only place in Denmark where it is possible to climb ice is on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic sea. Conditions are not reliable and it has been many years since it was possible to climb ice here. The winter of 2010 is the exception, there is solid ice all across the island. I made a day trip to the island on the 17th of February and I had a great day climbing with my friend Kim who lives in this isolated region of Denmark.

Anders climbing ice on Bornholm

Anders climbing ice on Bornholm (Photo: K. Sørensen)

We explored several ice falls in the centre of the island. Many of these climbs where probably first ascents, and in any case there is no recorded knowledge of previous lead ascents. This is quite understandable since ice climbing is a rather rare activity here.

Kim on a first ascent

Kim on a first ascent

The ice formations are fantastic, and there is plenty of lines left to be done. I will have to go there again before the winter ends.

Yet another fantastic line

Yet another fantastic line to be climbed

Kim works as a gymnastics teacher on Bornholm and he has taken his class out to teach them ice climbing on several occasions. This was documented by the local TV Station. It’s possible to see the clip here

Ice Climbing Skåne

This year has been a fantastic year for ice climbing in southern Sweden.? We have not seen conditions like this for more than 10 years. Skåne is not really a big ice climbing destination, but when conditions are good it’s great to go ice climbing on day trips from Copenhagen. Usually we go to Norway or the Alps, but that is hardly a day-trip thing.

Some of the best ice in Skåne can be found around the town Båstad. There is a nice seaside attraction at the cliffs of Hovs Hallar

Morten Johansen climbing Hovsfossen WI4 at Hovs Hallar Skåne

Morten Johansen climbing 'Hovsfossen' WI4 at Hovs Hallar Skåne

Closer to Båstad there is an old quarry with some really good climbs that rarely forms. But this year they are in perfect conditions. These climbs are not often done, so it feels like a big privilege to go climbing here.

Morten Johansen climbing Sidesporet WI4+

Morten Johansen climbing 'Sidesporet' WI4+

The main attraction is the wild and beautiful 27 meter high ‘Järnvägsfossen’ that comes in at WI6

The Skåne ice testpice Järnvägsfossen WI6

The Skåne ice testpiece 'Järnvägsfossen' WI6

More pictures in the Gallery

Winter in Denmark and southern Sweden is normally a grey slushy thing, so it’s really spectacular when we got a long spell of cold weather.? I do hope it will last for a while!

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