I am currently training climbing three times a week and it is starting to show. For a while I felt totally wasted, but now I start to feel strong – it is a wonderful sensation. I have done some of the boulder projects that only a month ago seemed utterly impossible. My training goals are within the context of 2007 to:

* Achieve my hardest Trad Redpoint

* Achieve my hardest Sport Redpoint

* Become a better ice climber

* Climb one of the 6 alpine north faces (Eiger, Matterhorn, Jorasses, Badile, Dru, and Cima Grande)

Besides climbing I have made a resolution to train something every day. Swimming and Running does it for me, when not climbing. I only take rest days when needed. The great thing is that it is no problem to run even if my upper body is aching like never before (and it actually helps)

So far my training regime has been successful, but I suspect that at some point I will have to battle with motivation.