This spring has turned out to be my best season on rock, ever. I feel solid climbing around grade 7 on our local crag Kullen. It’s amazing to be warming up on routes that only last year tested me sorely. It’s impressive what training and experience will do. My objective is to climb ten grade 7 routes within a year. So far my count is seven, so I seem to be getting there.

I am taking a few days of now since i feel a bit over-trained and lack motivation. I should be back training in about a week. Later this summer, the plan is to take my newly acquired rock climbing skills to the big mountain rock routes of the Alps.

Deja Vu (7) Kullen

Anders sendning Deja Vue (7) on Kullaberg, Sweden
A desperate unshaved wannabe rockstar sending Deja Vu (7) on Kullen.
Photo by Morten Johansen