Month: April 2006



As a funny gimmick, has designed a T-shirts with the text ‘Klatre POLITI’ Which basically translates to ‘Climbing Police’ Some will consider this as a friendly message to some of the more conservative persons in the Danish climbing community who often act as the ‘Climbing Police’ telling people what to do and trying to define the right way to climb.

We believe that everyone is free to climb as he or she feels like and that climbing is a matter of self expression, where we take responsibility for our actions. Don’t let other people tell you what to think. Think your own thoughts and decide!

The Tatra Mountains

The Tatra mountain range is not well known to western Europeans. It’s located on the border between Poland and Slovakia. The highest point is Gerlach, 2655m which is also the highest point in Slovakia. During the summer the Tatra is a dream destination for alpine rock climbing. The Rock is solid granite and you don’t have any nasty glaciers to worry about on the approaches. In the area you will find several hundred well established and well protected multi-pitch rock climbs. This is also one of the only alpine areas in Europe that has not been invaded by expansion blots. The mode of climbing is traditional.

High Tatras

In winter there is excellent ground for ice and mixed climbing adventures like the ones you can find in Scotland.

You can approach the chain from either Slovakia or Poland. From Slovakia the nearest hub is the city of Poprad. In Poland it is Zakopane.

Anders will be leading a trip for the Danish Alpine Club to the range in June-06

Further info about the Tatras:
The mountains and climbing topos

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