Month: January 2006

Danish Ice Climbing?

The only ice climbing you can find on Danish soil is on the remote island of Bornholm in the Baltic ocean. There is little point in going there for the sole purpose of ice climbing, when you can find good solid ice conditions in Norway.

In southern Sweden only 1½ hours from Copenhagen we have a place by the sea called Kullen. This place is not known as a prime ice climbing venue, but more as a summer rock climbing destination. Due to it’s low altitude location so far south, the ice do not often come into condition. During cold winters you can however find some climbable ice on Kullen

Peter Harremoës on Originalruten (WI4, M5) 22/01/2006 Kullen Ice

Caucasus Lecture


The manager of Frontpoint Sport, Mr. Anders S. Nielsen and fellow climber Mr. Morten B. Johansen will hold a lecture on their recent climbing trip to Caucasus. The lecture will feature both pictures and movies from the exciting adventure to the highest mountains of Europe.

The lecture will take place the 16th of Feburary on the premises of Dansk Bjergklub at Løvstræde 8A, Copenhagen. The show will start at 20:00

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