Month: November 2010

Early season ice

It’s snowing here in Denmark. It’s like the winter have started early! Morten and I went to Kullen in this fine weather to check out the early season ice conditions. We had a grand day with ‘full-on’ conditions in the snow. I made a short Slide show/Video! Enjoy!

Early season ice on Kullen
Early season ice on Kullen (Photo: Morten B. Johansen)
Anders climbing aid on Kullen
Anders climbing aid on Kullen (Photo: Morten B. Johansen)

Memories from September

In September I participated in the Orco Trad Climbing Meet. Maurizio Oviglia has put together a nice slideshow with pictures from the meet. It brings back good memories from a fantastic meet.

Orco Trad Meeting 2010 from Orco Valley on Vimeo.

Testing myself against the Pros!

Let me put one thing straight: I am an amateur photographer! In other words it’s a hobby. I have a ‘real’ job as an IT Architect that pays  my mortgage and extravagant climbing holidays. While climbing and travelling I shoot photos and write articles. Some gets published here and others  get published in specialist climbing magazines.

But how do I rank against the pro sports photographers? Probably not very well, but I decided to put my skills behind the shutter to a test. On Sunday I went  to Lyngby Stadion to watch the Super-League game between Lyngby Boldklub and Sønderjyske. I bought a ticket and did not come with any photo accreditation, The  security wanted to see my camera bag, but otherwise had no objection in me taking a Nikon D3100 equipped with a cheapo Nikkor 55-200mm lens to the spectator stands. This was my first time ever shooting pictures inside a football stadium.

I found a place not far from the corner and started to shoot (hand-held off course)! The Pros where sitting next to the field with their huge lenses:

The Pros

The game got on and I shot some pictures, but after 10 minutes the crucial moment came. Lyngby was on the attack and got a shot at the Sønderjyske goal. It was illegally blocked with hands on the goal line by Sønderjyske #3 Michael Stryger. He was shown the red card by the referee and Lyngby was awarded a penalty kick. Lyngbys Kim Aabech scored on the kick and Lyngby went on to win the game by 1-0.

Let us see my pictures of the situation:

Rødt Kort / Red Card

#3 puts his hand on the ball

Situationen efter Stryger har haft hånd på bolden

The Lyngby player has seen the foul and puts his arms in the air

Dommeren har markeret

The line-ref has seen it and puts is flag in the air.

Lets have a look at the pros pictures, that I found on – this site is run by Per Kærbye. A well respected sports photographer. He only got one shoot of this crucial game situation! – You can see it here

His other pictures from the game can be seen at (Click the TAB Lyngby – Sønderjyske)

My full set can bee seen on flickr photoset where you see the full format pictures and study the EXIF data – or in this slideshow:

I am going to let the pictures speak for them self and not pass any judgements on photo quality, but I am quite satisfied with my own performance.

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