Month: October 2010

Climbing on 35mm

As promised in a previous post, I would tell you about my 35mm film experiments. I have had good fun shooting old-school film with the Nikon F80. I think the pictures have turned out  quite well and that they really have that smooth film look (off course they do, it’s film!) The pictures in the set have been shoot with Fuji Superia 200/ 400 and a Fuji  Sensia 200 colour slide film . Check my Flickr photo stream for details!

GBG Climbing

On Sunday we went climbing in Göteborg, Sweden. Together with Anders, Anders & Michael we left Lyngby at 6:30 in the morning. It was still dark, but when we got to the ferry in Helsingør the sun was starting to show.

Morning ferry to Sweden

Sunrise in Helsingør

A couple of hours later we where at Fjällbo just outside the centre of Göteborg. It was still cold and the temperature was just above freezing, but once the sun got on the rock it was warm enough to go climbing. We had a grand day doing many good routes. Utby/Fjällbo is a fantastic place to climb with quality trad routes all over the place.

A. Vedersø i Göteborg (Caligula, 6-)

Anders Vedersø leading Caligula (6-)

HP following on Slowfox

HP following my lead on Slowfox. We did a rather hard  grade 6 variation in the top.

Going Retro

I have recently acquired a used analogue  Nikon F80 SLR camera. It is equipped with a Nikkor 28-80mm,1:3,3-5,6 and a Kodak skylight filter. The whole kit was bought at a price of 50$ and is almost unused. I will be using this setup to document next weekends climbing trip to Göteborg, Sweden. We will see if I can remember how to handle a ‘real’ camera. I will post the result here, and write a few lines about the experience in shooting ‘Real Raw’ 35mm film

Going Retro

The chosen weapon shot at ISO1000 with my new Canon S95

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