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Testing Cheap Glass. Nikon 28-80mm f/3.3-5.6G on D7000

It’s always fun to test diffrent lens/camera combos.

Today I went to Tivoli, Copenhagen with my family. It was a fine summer day, but I was not really in the mood for photography, but in order to try something different i took an old Nikon 28-80G that normally sits on my rarely used 35mm Film SLR and put it on my D7000

Nikkor AF 28-80mm G


It felt like a really lightweight combo, and although the lens felt like a fragile plastic toy I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The pictures seem sharp enough with decent contrast, and I will definitely shoot this lens again if I need a light weight mid-range zoom.

It does not compare to the 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX or the Sigma 17-70 mm f/2.8-4.0 OS HSM that I regularly use, but once stopped down I found the 28-80G to be a solid performer on a DX. For the sub 50$ price point, it’s almost ridiculously good.

Well, the pictures are here, so judge for yourself. They are un-cropped jpgs as they came out of the camera.

Searching For Magic – Episode One

As a part of my recent trip to Fontainebleau I wanted to see if it is true that the forest is really a magical place. We all know that in order to discover magic you need to open your senses and take a slow considered approach. I thus decided to shoot analogue Black & White for two weeks. I came home with 5 rolls of exposed B/W Kodak TriX 400 and a two medium format colour rolls.

I am very relived to announce that there is a positive indication that magic is in fact to be found in the forest!

Please enjoy the first episode of ‘Searching for Magic’


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