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Merry Christmas And A Minor Setback

I was out skiing on Vallåsen in Sweden on the 20th of December when I suffered a knee injury. I took a wrong landing on a kicker while skiing. It was not on the mono, but on regular skis. I ended up on the back skis while trying to stick the landing and while trying to recover, my ski slid out twisting my left knee. I could feel instantly that something was wrong and after a few minutes of lying down I tried to stand, but the pain was intense and the knee would not support my weight.

It hurt like hell and I had to be transported down on a snow scooter for medical care. At the hospital they did x-rays and could luckily confirm that nothing was broken. I do have some damage to the ligaments, but the extend is still unknown and will have to wait for an MR-scan.

I’m optimistic since here 5 days after the incident my knee is able to support me. With a bit of luck the injury will heel by itself in a couple of weeks.

For now I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I’ll be spending mine on the sofa!

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Bringing back the Mono!

Bringing back the Mono!


This winter season I’m bringing back the mono-ski. I have been on two planks for more that 30 years. Now it’s time to to try something different: A Mono-ski!

My setup is an Alpine Rocket 178 from Snowgunz in Chamonix! I’m Bringing Back The Mono in Scandinavia! Video to come soon, where I will ski the sickest lines on Mono!

I will also be racing in April at the Derby de la Meije, at La Grave, France. It’s a 2000 vertical-meter ungroomed downhill race through death chunks, crevasses, frozen debris and rock hard moguls. There are only two gates, one at the start, one at the finish and I’ll do it on the Mono! It will be my first ski racing since I as a kid in the late 80s had a brief spell with the Danish National Youth Team.

In my quest for monoski world dominance, I had that first slope session tonight. It went quite well! The mono is really a magnet of female attention. I wonder if I can handle the fame.

Mono session on Vallåsen. Camera by C. Hylleberg

Days in the sun

Just back from a week in Gressoney, Italy. We had fantastic weather with sun all over. The snow pack was decent, but off course there is not much powder snow in such conditions. We skied all over the place between Alanga, Gressony & Champoluc. It’s a ski fantastic areas that has skiing up to over 3300 meters. Especially the off-piste from Punta Indren is spectacular.

Summer is here

Summer has finally arrived here in Denmark. Today the temperature is just around 20 degrees and the sun is out. When I look out and see the sun from my office window here in Copenhagen, it gives me the usual craves for touching rock. Fortunately I’m going on a weekend climbing trip to Gothenburg in only a couple of days. I have been a regular at the local climbing gym and I have been punishing my body at the training board in my carport.

Stranges Carport Gym

While browsing the internet I saw that the strong Swedish ski mountaineer Fredrik Ericsson is now at K2, trying to make the first ski decent. I had the chance to meet Fredrik on several occasions. First when I was trying to climb  Pik Kommunizma in 2003 and later on in Chamonix when he worked at The Bellevue. His project looks very ambitious, but he definitely has the skills to pull it off.  You can look at his blog for updates. I wish him the best off luck!

Fredrik Ericsson - Photo (C)

Off-Piste in Austria

Last week was spent skiing at Badgastein in Austria with my family.? We had perfect snow conditions and even at a few days with nice sunshine. Heidi and I had some great moments skiing ofpiste and putting new tracks in the fresh snow. The area around Sportgastein was closed due to avalance danger, but good safe off-piste was to be found in the woods at Graukogel and Badgastein. Have look in the gallery

Heidi Tracking Powder

Heidi Tracking Powder

Sun & Snow in Austria

Last week I had the pleasure of being and skiing at St. Anton in the Arlberg valley of Austria. Austria and the eastern part of the Alps have lots of snow right now. During my visit we had about 35cm of new snow. So it is important to take care when you go off-piste since the danger of avalanches is quite high at the moment. On Sunday morning the snow level was meassured at 216cm at an altitude of about 2000 meters.


Fortunately we also had some fine sunny days last week that provided great powder conditions. The resort of St. Anton has a good concept of creating marked off-piste ski runs. These runs are not groomed or patrolled, but they are fairly safe from avalanches if you stay within range of the trail markers.


This is a fine safe ski concept. Other resorts should consider doing the same since it makes off-piste and free-ride very accessible in a relative safe way.


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