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Off-Piste in Austria

Last week was spent skiing at Badgastein in Austria with my family.? We had perfect snow conditions and even at a few days with nice sunshine. Heidi and I had some great moments skiing ofpiste and putting new tracks in the fresh snow. The area around Sportgastein was closed due to avalance danger, but good safe off-piste was to be found in the woods at Graukogel and Badgastein. Have look in the gallery

Heidi Tracking Powder

Heidi Tracking Powder

Almost too cold for rock climbing

I went to Dansk Bjergklub’s X-mas meet on Kullen last weekend. This involves climbing on very cold rock during the day and consuming insane amounts of Christmas food and alcohol at the club hut during the evening. The temperature was just above freezing and it is has a pretty masochistic feel to rock climb in conditions like this. We did however enjoy ourselves and had a good time on the rock and at the feast during the evening.

Anders (in green) leading Svenskerruten in cold conditions (Photo by C. Hylleberg)

Leading the classic Svenskerruten in rather cold conditions (Photo: C. Hylleberg)

It’s Running Away

I have not previously told you about my running on this blog, but for the last couple of months I have made very good progress on the 10K distance. Each month I try to participate in Bagsværd Sø Løbet in order to test my current form. On Sunday I did my best time this year running at 0:44:57

Anders running at Bagsværd Sø

Anders running at Bagsværd Sø

My progression at Bagsværd Sø this year:

02/06/08: 48:30
07/07/08: 47:11
01/09/08: 46:01
28/09/08: 44:57
02/11/08: 44:23
07/12/08: 45:36 – (I was recovering from a cold)

A very satisfying form curve that I hope to keep improving! The next race is on 02/11/08 and my aim is just to keep improving. It does not matter if it’s only by a few seconds as long a there is improvement, because improving is winning!

The (T) and (B) ratings

T Rated Cascade Pick

Many climbers seem puzzled by the concept of (T) and (B) ratings on ice axes. Let me try to explain this concept. Axes are either rated (T)echnical or (B)asic. All climbing axes are rated (T) per default. The confusion arises because the picks are also (T) and (B) rated. (T) Rated picks are stronger and heavier. They are primarily designed for mixed climbing where rock work is involved, they are however also suited for normal icefall climbing. (B) Rated picks have finer blades and are only suited for pure water ice climbing.

For Scottish mixed or hard alpine climbing I would recommend the use of (T) rated picks as (B) rated picks may not be strong enough for mixed climbing.

Iskold Super Cup Succes

Frontpoint Sport må nu melde om udsolgt når det gælder de lækre Demon Super Cup tekniske isøkser. Der har været meget stor interesse omkring netop dette produkt. Det forstår man da også godt når man har set de fine anmeldelser i respekterede internationale klatremedier.

Demon Super Cup Tie Clip

En af de meget roste detaljer er den såkaldte ‘tie-clip leash’ der er let at benytte også med handsker på. Dette har da også tidligere været et problem for undertegende da jeg klatrede med med Petzl’s system på ‘Charlet-Moser Quark’

Vi har bestilt nye varer hjem fra Raveltik der skulle ankomme i denne uge. Er du interesseret i et sæt Super Cup kan de fås i webshoppen for kun 2100 Kr. (Inkl. Moms)

Anmeldelse af Demon SuperCup

Østrigske har lavet en meget omfattede anmeldelse af Raveltiks lækre isøkse Demon SuperCup.


Østrigerne konkluderer at:

Das RAVELTIK Super Cup Demon ist in Sachen Preis und Leistung das derzeit attraktivste Steileisgerät am Markt. Das Gerät ist um einige wenige Gramm schwerer ausgeführt als die Konkurrenz, bietet jedoch höhere Lebensdauer und Steifigkeit aufgrund der eingesetzten Materialstärke und Verarbeitung. Ein idealer Begleiter für anspruchsvolle Eiskletterei UND alpine Unternehmungen mit ausgezeichneten Features und Eigenschaften.

Læs hele den omfattende anmeldelse på tysk her

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